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Empowering Children to Be a Better Version of Themselves



We are  a non-profitable organization open to young youths, adults  from ages 7 years. 

The organisation is a voluntary, charitable and not for Profit organisation  created with he aim of preventing and alleviating human suffering, improving the situation of the most vulnerable people with absolute impartially without any discrimination as to gender, nationality, religion, race, class, religious or political beliefs.  Its purpose is to protect and preserve human life and to ensure respect for the human being.  We aim to train, educate  youngsters so as to become better citizenship.

The cadets carry out health and welfare programs for the benefit of particularly vulnerable groups, always promoting responsible co-participation with  other organizations and the population at large. We also promote and contribute to environmental protection and preservation while supporting civil society by acting as  auxiliary to the Maltese government, civil protection authorities and health department in terms of health and civil protection matters

The organization  is an autonomous organisation independent of the State, political parties and churches.

You can join as a:

Junior cadet: 6- 9 years

Cadet: 9-14 years

Senior Cadet: 14 -16 years

Assistant leader:  16 years plus

Leader:  18 years plus


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