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On the Move


On the move is a European Solidarity Corps Project co-funded by the European union.  Over the past year,  8 young people were given the opportunity to carry out volunteering  in  Gozo , Malta.

main objectives:

- to learn to appreciate different lifestyles and cultures;
- to learn to appreciate more the importance of provide different types of assistance to the community;
- to learn new experiences such as abseiling, diving and first aid and rescue skills;
- to develop sound communication skills especially with the wider public;
- to learn to work in a team with other volunteers;
- to learn to become more active within the community;
- to serve as a confidence building and opportunity to take on own initiatives;
- To improve administration, time management and organization skills.

The project left a positive impact  on the organization, volunteers and project partners.  We are looking forward to do similar projects in the future. 

Links to learn more about the European Solidarity Corps

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